Use these principles to avoid a lifetime of Back Pain!

Back pain
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  • Make sure you plan the lift Clear the path. Assess if the load is too heavy If the load is too heavy seek assistance.
  • Your feet should be shoulder width apart. Get a firm footing close to the load.
  • Be sure to lift smoothly using a suitable lifting technique, Avoid jerking or twisting.
  • A suitable firm grip should be maintained throughout the lift.
  • Carry the load close to your body, always move your feet when turning.
  • Keep your spine aligned with natural curves. Maintain the ‘S’ shaped curve in your back.

SAFETY TIP : Cell phone safety tips at work

Use of cell phones by operators of moving equipment has become an important issue, it quadrupled the risk of motor vehicle collisions.
There are many significant safety hazards in a construction work environment, and it is critical to reducing those hazards when possible.
Elimination of unnecessary hazards such as those caused by cell phone usage is critical for the safety of heavy equipment operators and others at the work site.

cellphone hazards at work

Safe Work Practices & Tips:
* Cell phone usage can cause inattention on the job site.
* Co-workers can be distracted by others’ cell phone usage.
* Inattention and distraction may result in property damage or personal injury,
* Never use a cell phone while operating equipment. Make use of voice mail and return calls during breaks or equipment downtime.
* Turn cell phones off near any refueling station or hazardous chemicals, and obey all signs and instructions,
* Never use a cell phone to send or receive a text message while operating equipment.
* Store your celIphone in a location that will prevent its ring from startling you or anyone in the work area
* Do not operate a cell phone near a flammable liquid,
* Turn off cell phones within 100 feet of a blasting area.
* Know site-specific hazard areas associated with cell phone usage.
* Only use cell phones in designated areas
* Avoid use of cell phones for phone calls or text messages to and from a job site.